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sustainability isn't just a concept; it's our guiding philosophy. We intertwine centuries of watchmaking tradition with a modern commitment to the environment. From ethically sourcing materials to implementing energy-efficient production processes, every facet of our journey is a testament to our dedication to the planet. Our recycling initiatives, minimalistic packaging, and embrace of innovative technologies stand as beacons of our commitment. We're not just crafting timepieces; we're shaping a more sustainable future, one watch at a time


Ethical Material Sourcing

we partner with suppliers who adhere to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring the use of ethically sourced metals, gems, and other components. We are dedicated to minimizing the ecological footprint of our supply chain day after day

Citrus Fruits

Energy-Efficient Production

We incorporate eco-friendly approaches in our watchmaking activities through energy-efficient manufacturing processes that minimize resource consumption and carbon emissions. Implement modern technologies and innovative techniques that optimize production while reducing energy usage​


Recycling and Upcycling Initiatives

We established a recycle and upcycle materials program from our production process, which repurpose discarded materials into new components or accessories, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. We support our customers to introduce the same sustainable practices in order to reduce waste and emissions

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