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Components Procurement

With our deep industry connections and meticulous approach, we source the finest components, Swiss Made and not,  that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our expert team ensures every piece aligns with your design and quality requirements, guaranteeing the authenticity and precision your timepieces deserve. From intricate movements to elegant casings, our procurement service becomes an integral part of your watchmaking journey, ensuring that every component contributes to the excellence that defines Swiss horology.

Tailored Component


we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific design and quality requirements. We use our industry expertise and network to identify and source components that align perfectly with their vision, ensuring a seamless integration into their watch designs.


and Personalization

We offer out clients the option to customize and personalize components to their preferences. Whether it's intricate engravings, unique finishes, or bespoke details, provide the means to tailor components to create truly distinctive timepieces that reflect our clients' brand identity

Quality Assurance

and Authentication

We implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure the authenticity and precision of every sourced component. We conduct thorough inspections, testing, and verification processes to guarantee the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance

Performance and Precision

Customized Sourcing


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